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    I already shared this idea in 2014 with Professor George Papadopoulos (UCy), Mr. Michalis Papadopolos and his colleagues in CYTA, Mr. Andreas Koupparis (CYBAN), Mr. Costas Shammas (Peace Centre) and later with the Ministry of Industry and with the Presidency. As to every author it is a pleasure for me to see how this is realized in this portal.

    This is why I’m taking a courage to open this forum with the description what is Society of Development (Union DEVELOPMENT)is in the form which was directed in the Ministry and in the Presidency. I hope it helps to develop what is already made by UCy. Any ideas are higly welcomed.

    Union DEVELOPMENT (Proposal)


    Union DEVELOPMENT (below – Union) is non-profit, non-political organization united:
    1. Inventors of innovative ideas,
    2. Evaluators,
    3. Individual and institutional investors, including the state agencies,
    4. Managers experienced in implementation of innovative ideas, and
    5. Arbiters.

    To facilitate the economical, social, and cultural development of Cyprus Society through creating the best conditions for the personal development including the best conditions manifestation of individual creativity of all members of society as well as of all people of other countries wishing to work for benefits of Cyprus – mobilizing their talents in the interests of the society as a whole.
    The general principle is the society cannot waste even one valuable idea.


    1. Top-bottom (competitions): Big investor (in particular the State) initiates the competition of ideas to resolve some problem of social (commercial) importance. The winner wins financial and organizational support of Union in realizing his idea (professional elaborating, creating consortium, management etc).
    2. Down-up: the author proposes his idea into Union for evaluation and for help in the realization.
    3. In case of positive evaluation of the idea, a consortium and a company realizing the project are formed. Shares of the company are distributed between inventor(s) of the idea, investors (including State), evaluators, managers and other members of the team that implements the idea, other companies, and the organizations participating in the project and/or helping to realize the projects including the Union itself.
    Thus, the author of idea exchanges most part of his exclusive right for the possibility to realize the idea. The motivation of the author: it is better to own 5% shares of successful enterprise than 100% in the imaginable company. At the same time, all other sides as owners of the shares are interested in the success of the project.

    4. Evaluating:
    a. Investors have to trust Union’s evaluation – this is crucial for success of Union. Thus, the key principle is the highest possible level of evaluation, excluding not only any elements of corruption, but also incompetence, lack of strategic vision, formal approach, indifference, unconcern, disregard.
    b. High quality of evaluation is provided by multilevel evaluation where the expertise of evaluators increases with their rank.
    c. Government funding agencies have to be evaluators of one of the highest (if not highest) level.
    d. Evaluator has two type of motivation. Negative motivation is a risk to harm their own reputation (their rank depends on quality (validity) of their evaluations: every mistake makes the rank lower, while every valid evaluation increases the rank. Beside the rise of his rank, the positive motivation of the evaluator includes ownership of the shares he will have in the enterprise realizing the project he evaluated positively.
    e. Perspective investors must evaluate the ideas with the assistance of the evaluators they trust.
    5. Security.
    a. Union provide the defence of both intellectual rights of the inventors (authors of ideas) and investors.
    b. The members of Union accept the arbitration of Union as a precondition of membership.
    6. Funding and investments
    a. Union securing the funds for valuable projects attracting all known forms of investments (institutional, state’s funding, crowdfunding, international funding etc).
    b. The partial state’s funding (for example 10% from the budget) proves high quality of project and may be crucially to secure the whole budget. This is one of the many reasons why the participation of the government in Union is important (especially in Cyprus conditions).


    1. Types of membership:
    a. Individuals,
    b. Commercial firms (including Small and Medium Enterprises),
    c. Academic organizations (universities, laboratories etc),
    d. Non-governmental organisations (association etc),
    e. Media (newspapers, TV-channels etc),
    f. Governmental agencies.

    2. Functions of members:

    a. Inventing ideas,
    b. Evaluating ideas,
    c. Implementing viable valuable ideas (elaboration, forming consortium, management etc),
    d. Investing,
    e. Resolving disputes,

    3. Bodies of Union:
    a. Board of Union.
    b. Arbitration (“Intellectual Rights Court” and Ethical Commission)
    c. Evaluation Commission, which cooperates closely with the State funding agencies.
    d. Elaborating Agency, this organizes and/or assists in the implementation of valuable ideas.
    e. Legislation Development Committee
    f. Promoting Agency with the functions of public relations, dissemination etc

    1. Decision of Cabinet about the participation of State in Union;
    2. Gathering Initiative Group;
    3. Devising informational materials and draft of Memorandum;
    4. Information letter(s) to stakeholders – individuals, organisations, governmental bodies, etc;
    5. Collecting feedback from the stakeholders about Memorandum, and revising Memorandum;
    6. Public meeting and establishing the Committee on preparing inaugural meeting;
    7. Inaugural meeting and Establishing Union including forming the bodies (Board etc).

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