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The main objective of the Information Portal is to aggregate and offer easy access to available information about innovation funding in order to reduce the communication gap between innovation and finance. The access to information will be easier and the innovative ideas funding will be speed up. Funding Innovation can be done through the Funding Programmes which are instruments that promote the implementation of a specific policy (of EU or national benefit). For the use of funding opportunities under the various programmes or schemes, usually a proposal for approval is required to be submitted (following the announcement of the call of proposals) either by an organisation/individual or jointly with other organisations, depending on the terms and conditions of the programme. Funding programmes have been aggregated from Information Portal for Funding Programmes website. Each programme title redirects to the original page for more information. Funding innovation can be done thought EU Competitive Programmes, Co-Financed Programmes and National Grant Schemes.

EU Competitive Programmes

Innovative European competitive funding programs

Co-Financed Programs

Innovative Co-Financed Programs

National Grant Schemes

Innovative National Grant Schemes